Places to visit in Porjus:

Central in Porjus along the E45 is a

rest / parking area with information on panels.

Here below we make a short presentation

of places to see and visit.

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Thunborgs Speciality Shop
Standing in the centre of Porjus on the right hand side from Jokkmokk - a very special shop with souvenirs and mountain supplies – here you will find many things! Take time to browse. You can also buy and sample of Laplands delicacies of smoked fish, reindeer, game birds – all prepared by traditional methods. An experience for the taste buds not to be missed!
Tel: 0973 10179




Lancaster airplane

“Easy Elsie“ an English Lancaster bomber that crashed on the marshes on 29 October 1944 7 kilometers from Porjus. The plane was in a formation flying to bomb the battleship Tirpitz outside Tromsø in Norway. From the Ålloluokta road there is a 2 km wooded walkway to the well preserved remains of the plane.


Ålloluokta lies 27 cm north-east from Porjus. Drive over the dam in Porjus and follow the road along the south side of the Stora Luleälven. It is believed that there been permanent residents in Ålloluokta since the 1700’s. There were no roads to Ålloluokta until 1967. Today there are summer houses in Ålloluokta but also several families live here all year. The old chapel is a very interesting building to see and it celebrated it’s 50th anniversary in autumn 2003. Here there is also an ‘isbodan’ which functioned as a freezer until the mid 1960’s. Ålloluokta is well worth a visit and its name in Sámi is “Kakviken”.

Harsprånget village

Harsprånget was built in 1946 as the hydro power station at Harsprånget was built. At the villages height there were 2,000 inhabitants. In 1985 many of the houses in the village were lifted and transported to other places leaving the village empty and deserted.
Today only the names of the roads remain in place along with the tennis courts. There is also an information board with details of the plan of the village in the centre of the village. If you carry on along the main road toward Jokkmokk there is a parking place and a 300 metre long path to a viewing area of Harsprånget ravine, a canyon like area of the Lule River

Kraftbyggland and Rallardalen

Young and old alike can enjoy the delights
‘playing‘ with water. Understand how the water creates power, see how the old pioneers of Porjus lived as they built the power station. Visit the old blacksmiths and also see the old building machines of the past.

Lule River’s Oldest Power Station

Sweden’s most valuable memory to the

power industry. Visit only in summer.

Visit Vattenfalls power-stations,

check this link below:

Besök oss - Vattenfall

Or telephone to book tour 0973 77600

God’s Hand

Deacon, Gottfrid Karlsson was very interested

in culture.

He developed a deep friendship with the artisan and sculptor – Carl Miller.

The statue was set in place on 11th September 1960 and stands in the park in the centre of Porjus and overlooks the Great Lule River with the mountains in the distance.

The statue in Porjus has been created in 3 sizes and there are only 25 examples in the whole world.

Church bell tower.
1921 saw the inauguration of this charming bell tower by the church in Porjus.

The ‘ Kraft ‘ monument

Craft Monument
A 400 ton and 15 meter high stone monument. It was raised in it’s place on 24th August 1988 in the memory of the builders of the power station. An epoch to the builders that started in 1909 and who completed the task some 80 years later with the construction of Porsi in 1987.

Artisan – Bo Holmlund.

Raller Path

In the summer 1910 came the building materials for hydro power station in Porjus – the first in northern Sweden. The raw materials were carried along a 44 km path made by the navvies who supplied the builders of the power station. They walked from Gällivare to Porjus with the materials on their backs. In 1994 this route was renovated and repaired with wooden walkways and now it is possible to walk this route over the marshes, around or over the hills the first pioneers of the power industry walked.

Porjus Hill
A beautiful view from a small forest overlooking the area around Porjus. The home of Porjus oldest tree.
A bracing walk!

This forest area has many rare species of ‘lava’ hanging from its trees and growing on dead trees. You can walk on a wooded path and chose a route of 2,5 km or 5 km. 

Naturum Laponia, Stora Sjöfallet

E45 6 km north of Porjus take the way westwards

to Stora Sjöfallet.

Naturum Laponia is 90 km from Porjus.

More information:





Jokkmokk Turistinfo.jpg


Jokkmokks Turistinformation

Västra Torggatan 11


Jokkmokks kommun 

S-962 85 Jokkmokk

Tel: 0971-170 00



Thunborgs vilt

Easy Elise




Stenen kraft

Download the flyer of Porjus

          >  Sights.pdf

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